Basic Permissions
Command Description
/island Displays the island chest interface.
/island create Create your island (can also be done from the island GUI).
/island restart Restart your skyblock island (will remove all progress).
/island home Teleport to the home location on your island.
/island sethome Set the point where you teleport to when using /island. (Note: can only be used close to your island).
/challenges Display the challenge chest interface.
/challenges <name> iew information about requirements/rewards for the given challengename.
/challenges complete <name> Attempt to complete the given challengename.
Advanced Permissions
Command Description
/island level View information about your's or another player's island level.
/island info View island block information.
/island topten View the top ten list.
/island home Teleport to the home location on your island
/island ban <name> Ban/unban a player from warping to your island. Note: this only affects players using /island warp to visit your island.
/island lock Prevents anyone outside of the player's party from entering the island (this will disable the warp if warp is active).
/island unlock Let anyone enter the player's island (if warp or tp/tpa is enabled).
/island warp Warp to "player"'s island. Requires that "player" have an active warp.
/island warp <name> Attempt to complete the given challengename.
/island setwarp Set the location that players can warp to on your island. Anyone using /island warp to visit your island will teleport to this point.
/island togglewarp Enable/disable your island's warp point. When disabled non-party members will be unable to warp to your island.
/island trust Trust a visitor on your island without being in the party (this will give access to build and break).
/island untrust Untrust a visitor.
/usb island makeleader <name> Transfer the ownership of an island to a new player (this needs changing to a player permission)..
Party Permissions
Command Description
/island invite <name> Send invitation to a player.
/island accept Accept an invitation.
/island reject Reject an invitation.
/island leave Leave island, or if you're a party leader, removes everyone from your group.
/island party Display party information.
/island kick <name> Remove a player from the party.
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