• AFK - Away From Keyboard, you're not currently "active" in the game, moving or interacting with certain objects.
  • FPS - Frames-per-second. An indication of how well your hardware is rendering the game.
  • Grief - When player(s) steals from a player via a method that conflicts with the rules, this is breaking the rules.
  • Lag - Delayed responsiveness.
  • Mod - 1) Abbreviation of moderator. 2) A modification, custom content for Minecraft, often assembled into collections called modpacks.
  • PM - Private message, yellow text and a "ding" sound are the features of this command.
  • Reconnect - Disconnect and then rejoin the server.
  • Relaunch - Exit out of the game, and relaunch the entire program from the launcher.
  • Relog - Disconnect from the server and reconnect.
  • TPS - Ticks-per-second. An indication of how well the server is processing the game. Ideal is 20.
  • Vanilla - Unmodded, original Minecraft.
  • VIP - VIP rank, usually puchased.
  • Direct Connect - In the Multiplayer Menu click the 'Direct Connect', enter the server's Direct Connect Address (found here: click connect.
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