Category Economy
Author Netherfoam
  • Left-click a chest with a held item, create a quickshop.
  • Allows easy trading between players who are offline, or without the risks associated with item drops.
  • Can be created on any server.
  • Significant on skyblock servers (SkyFactory 2 and Agrarian Skies 2) as there's no public mall.

Customer Instructions

  1. Punch the chest.
  2. Enter the purchase quantity in chat.

Storeowner Instructions



  1. Place a chest.
  2. Punch the chest with the item to sell.
  3. Enter the selling price in chat.
  4. Place items in the chest.
  5. Punch the chest again to create the shop.

Regular Servers

  1. Allow guests to visit a claim using /entrytrust public.
  2. Allow guests to interact with a claim using /accesstrust public.*

Skyblock Servers

  1. Unlock your island with /is unlock.*
  2. Set a guest warp point with /is setwarp.


Player Commands

/qs buy - Quickshop under crosshairs becomes a buying shop.
/qs sell - Quickshop under crosshairs becomes a selling shop.
/qs price <price> - Quickshop under crosshairs now buys/sells at <price>.
/qs find <item> - Find nearest quickshop selling <item>.**

Admin Commands

/qs clean - Removes quickshops with no stock.
/qs setowner <player> - Changes quickshop owner to <player>.
/qs unlimited - Quickshop under crosshairs becomes unlimited.

Misc Commands

/qs - Lists quickshop commands.

* This does not allow container or building access.
** May be typed incompletely, eg. "diam" would attempt to find diamond items.


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