• Provide/request tasks
  • Crafting tasks
  • Power tasks
  • Sink (storage) tasks

Chassis ModulesEdit

  • Analyzer
  • Buffer - Sink for items which can hold EU.
  • CC Quicksort - ???????
  • CC Remote Control - ????????
  • Crafting
  • Extractor - Pull from inventory.
  • Manager - Charge/discharge EU items.
  • Provider
  • Quicksort - Pulls if destination any but default.
  • Refiller - Restocks apiary after the queen dies, pure bees only.
  • Sink, Aspect - Thaumcraft..
  • Sink, Bee
  • Sink, Creative Tab
  • Sink, Enchantment
  • Sink, Item
  • Sink, Mod based
  • Sink, Oredict
  • Sink, Polymorphic - Adapts to inventory.
  • Supplier, Active
  • Supplier, Passive - Medium-priority destination
  • Terminus
  • Terminus, Drone - Low-priority destination.


  • Analyzer - Destination for unanalyzed bees.
  • Basic - Basic.
  • Chassis - Non-basic.
  • Connector - Links two logistics networks. Useful for ender chests.
  • Crafting - Auto-crafting/processing. Requires logistics crafting table, optionally satellite pipe.
  • Destination - Routed from entrance pipe.
  • Entrance - "Tags" items for direction towards corresponding destination pipe.
  • Firewall - Restricts providing, crafting, sorting and power requests.
  • Liquid Basic - Passive sorting.
  • Liquid Connector - Connects to liquid sources (ie. Liquid pipes from a pump) to liquid insertion pipe.
  • Liquid Extractor - Liquid extraction.
  • Liquid Insertion - Attached to a liquid connector or to a machine which outputs, encapsulates liquid.
  • Liquid Provider - Provides liquid inventory for the network.
  • Liquid Request - Request liquid from the network. Goes into attached tank.
  • Liquid Satellite - Sends liquid tot he connected block when crafting operation operates.
  • Liquid Supplier - Liquid inventory auto-fill.
  • Orderer - Fills connected inventory on demand.
  • Provider - Provides inventory for network. Configured to one item per type is useful with polymorphic.
  • Request - Request items from network.
  • Satellite - Used if machine has sided inputs. Requires crafting pipe.
  • Sink, Bee - Bee sorting.
  • Supplier - Inventory auto-fill.


  • CC Remote Control - ??????????
  • Crafting Byproduct Extraction
  • Crafting Monitoring - Crafting manager. Requires logistics request table.
  • Disconnection - Prevents pipes connecting. Compact piping.
  • Fuzzy - Ignore NBT data.
  • Liquid crafting - Requires liquid satellite pipe.
  • Opaque - Aesthetic.
  • Placement Rules - Place into specific slots. Requires supplier pipe.
  • Power Supplier - Place at power source.
  • Power Transportation - Permits power routing.
  • Satellite, Advanced
  • Sneaky - Pretends to be another side.
  • Speed
  • Upgrade Manager - Tool


  • Crafting table - Automatic crafting facilitated.
  • Crafting sign - Rclick on crafting pipe to see result of the operation.
  • Disc - Macro to craft multiple items, request pipe.
  • Glasses - Make these!!
  • Item crad - Linking entrance and destination pipes.
  • Nano hopper - Crafting material.
  • Network monitor - Tool
  • Power junction - Powers network. Emits RS if it requires power.
  • Power provider - Transports power. Requires power transportation upgrade.
  • Request table - Shows request pipe/remote orderer GUI.
  • Remote Orderer- Rclick on request pipe.
  • Security stations - ??????????
  • Soldering Station - Machine.
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