• Kits are useful bundles of items.
  • Example items include food, tools, equipment, infrastructure, and materials.
  • Each server has one kit which is free to all players: /kit tools or /kit starter.
  • Additional kits can be bought in the Reward Store. (
  • The wiki categorizes these into VIP Kits and Themed Kits.
  • Some kits incur a cooldown on use, others are single-use.

Free Kits

Tools and Starter

Free Kit Contents

Agrarian Skies 2: Quest book, oak sapling x8, birtch sapling, spruce sapling, bonemeal x128, apple x8, dirt x4, flint x8
Crundee Craft: Stone sword, Stone shovel, stone pickaxe, stone axe, wooden helmet, wooden chestplate, wooden leggings, wooden boots, golden shovel, chest, porkchop x16, ender chest
DeVco Modpack: (To be completed)
Direwolf20: (To be completed)
Horizons II: Daybreaker: (To be completed)
Hubris: (To be completed)
Infinity: (To be completed)
ModSauce 2: (To be completed)
Obscurity: Apple x32, golden shovel, flint sword blade, flint pickaxe head, flint axe head, flint shovel head, wooden tool rod x4, wooden binding, wooden wide guard, chest, wooden chestplate, wooden helmet, wooden legginghs, wooden boots, torch x4, tool station, grass block
Project Flux: (To be completed)
Regrowth: (To be completed)
Resonant Rise 3 Mainline: (To be completed)
Skyfactory 2: Torch x4, steak x8, Materials and You: Volume 1, World Domination with OpenBlocks
Sapce Academy: Wooden tool rod x4, wooden binding, golden shovel, chest, cooked porkchop x16, wooden boots, wooden chestplate, wooden helmet, wooden leggings, tool station, flint pickaxe head, flint shovel head, flint sword blade, flint axe head, wooden wide guard
The Dark Trilogy: (To be completed)
Test Pack Please Ignore 2: (To be completed)
Vanilla: (To be completed)

These are freely available to players of all ranks and contain basic early-game starting items such as low-grade tools and armor, food, torches, instruction or quest books, and often a golden shovel for use in land claims as detailed in claims. They have an unlimited of uses but incur a two-hour cooldown on each use. They also may vary slightly from server to server as they are tailored to suit the modpack in question. On regular servers these kits are named "tools", and on skyblock servers these are named "starter".


Servers with HQM enabled also allow the use of /kit qbook in addition to the kits mentioned above.


Player Commands

/kit - Lists available kits.
/kit <kitname> - Request named kit.
/kit tools - Request the free "tools" kit.
/kit starter - Request the free "starter" kit.
/kit starter - Request the HQM quest book kit.

Admin Commands

/createkit <kitname> <cooldown> - Create a kit.
/deletekit <kitname> - Delete a kit.
/addtokit <kitname> - Add held item to kit.
/idadd <itemid> <quantity> - Add item id to kit.
/renamekit <oldkit name> <newkit name> - Rename kit.


Themed Kits
VIP Kits

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