All DeVco Servers will soon be going to a point based economy to purchase items from the Donation Store, the adminshop, and the voteshop. To be eligible to receive points for your ontime, votes, and Enjin Milestones you will need to make an Enjin account, register on DeVco website, and sync your Minecraft character on Enjin.

The following is an instruction guide on how to do so.

1. Go to

2. In the upper right hand corner click on the Register link.

3. Create a Username, enter your valid email address, and create a Password.

4. Check the email address you entered and confirm your account.

5. Go back to and click Login in the upper right hand side. Login to the website.

6. Follow the prompts to add your Minecraft character to your Enjin account.

Once you’ve entered the code provided you have successfully created and registered via Enjin and will now receive points that can be spent at all the above mentioned shops.

For those of you who currently have an Enjin account and wish to sync your Minecraft character to it do the following steps.

1. Go to

2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner. This will take your to your profile.

3. Click on Characters on the right hand side. Click Add Character. Follow the prompts.

Once you’ve entered the code provided you have successfully sync’d your Minecraft character and will now receive points that can be spent at all the above mentioned shops.

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