• Commands perform various game and server functions.
  • They are entered via Minecraft's chat box.
  • The table below includes an exhaustive list of every command the wiki could find, taken from various sources, amounting to just over 200 entries.
  • Contributors may enjoy the assistance of


  1. Actions - Abilities affecting the environment and player, i.e. eat, fly and storm.
  2. Chunkloading - Chunkloader management.
  3. Cities - City establishment, communication and management.
  4. Claims - Claim making and permission granting.
  5. Economy - Everything to do with $IGM.
  6. Help - For those seeking assistance.
  7. hub - Everything to do with the Hub.
  8. Information - Reference commands.
  9. Ontime - Ontime checking.
  10. Services - Services such as kits.
  11. Skyblock - For the skyblock servers using the uSkyBlock plugin.
  12. Social - Messaging, mail and chat channels.
  13. Tools - Miscellany such as tps and calc.
  14. Travel - Warps, teleports and server transitions.
  15. Web - Elsewhere.


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/craft Actions Personal Essentials workbench, wbench, wb Crafting grid
/feed Actions Personal Essentials eat Cure hunger
/fly Actions Personal Essentials Fly
/jump Actions Personal Essentials j, jumpto Teleport to crosshair
/kittycannon Actions Personal Unknown Fire ocelot
/lightning Actions Personal Essentials shock, smite, strike, thor Create lightning at crosshair
/suicide Actions Personal Essentials Respawn
/day Actions World Essentials Set night
/night Actions World Essentials Set day
/rain Actions World Essentials Create rain
/sun Actions World Essentials Create sun
/time <number> Actions World Essentials Set time


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/betterchunkloader Chunkloading - BetterChunkLoader bcl Plugin help
/betterchunkloader list own Chunkloading - BetterChunkLoader bcl list own Your chunkloaders


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/city help Cites - GriefPreventionPlus-Cities c, city Plugin help
/city info <cityname> Cites - GriefPreventionPlus-Cities City info
/city join <cityname> Cites - GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Join city
/city leave Cites - GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Leave city
/city list Cites - GriefPreventionPlus-Cities City list
/cityitychat <message> Cites - GriefPreventionPlus-Cities cc City chat
/city autojoin <true/false> Cites Citizens GriefPreventionPlus-Cities New citizens do not require invitation
/city ban <playername> Cites Citizens GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Eject player
/city expel <citizenname> Cites Citizens GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Remove citizenship
/city invite <playername> Cites Citizens GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Invite player
/city mayor <citizenname> Cites Citizens GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Change mayor
/city res <citizenname> Cites Citizens GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Citizen stats
/city unban <playername> Cites Citizens GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Allow player
/city delete <cityname> Cites Management GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Delete city
/city motd current Cites Management GriefPreventionPlus-Cities See motd
/city motd out <message> Cites Management GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Edit motd for outsiders
/city motd res <message> Cites Management GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Edit motd for residents
/city new <cityname> Cites Management GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Create city
/city rename <cityname> Cites Management GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Rename city
/city spawn <cityname> Cites Management GriefPreventionPlus-Cities City spawn warp
/city motd <message> Cites Plots GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Edit motd for plot
/city plot assign <citizenname> Cites Plots GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Assign plot
/city plot delete Cites Plots GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Delete plot
/city plot info Cites Plots GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Plot info
/city plot new Cites Plots GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Convert subdivision into plot
/city plot take Cites Plots GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Take plot for yourself
/city plot takeable <true/false> Cites Plots GriefPreventionPlus-Cities Assign plot as takeable


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/abandonallclaims Claims Editing GriefPreventionPlus Delete all claims
/abandonclaim Claims Editing GriefPreventionPlus unclaim, declaim, removeclaim, disclaim Delete claim
/abandontoplevelclaims Claims Editing GriefPreventionPlus Deletes a claim and subdivisions
/basicclaims Claims Editing GriefPreventionPlus bc Shovel into basic claim mode
/claim <claimrange> Claims Editing GriefPreventionPlus Claim radius around position
/claimslist Claims Editing GriefPreventionPlus claimlist, listclaims List claims
/subdivideclaims Claims Editing GriefPreventionPlus sdc, subdivideclaim Shovel into subdivision claim mode
/buyclaimblocks <amount> Claims Misc GriefPreventionPlus buyclaim Buy claim blocks with server money
/claimexplosions Claims Misc GriefPreventionPlus Toggle explosions
/givepet <playername> Claims Misc GriefPreventionPlus Give pet to player
/sellclaimblocks <amount> Claims Misc GriefPreventionPlus sellclaim Sell claim blocks
/trapped Claims Misc GriefPreventionPlus Eject to nearby unclaimed land
/unlockdrops Claims Misc GriefPreventionPlus Allow others to take your death drops
/accesstrust <playername> Claims Permissions GriefPreventionPlus at Grant interaction access except containers
/containertrust <playername> Claims Permissions GriefPreventionPlus ct Grant interaction access including containers
/entrytrust <playername> Claims Permissions GriefPreventionPlus et Grant entry trust
/permissiontrust <playername> Claims Permissions GriefPreventionPlus pt Grant permission trust
/trust <playername> Claims Permissions GriefPreventionPlus tr Grant building access
/trustlist Claims Permissions GriefPreventionPlus See claim permissions
/untrust <playername> Claims Permissions GriefPreventionPlus ut Revoke all access


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/balance Economy - Essentials bal, money See balance
/balancetop Economy - Essentials baltop Richest players
/pay <playername> <amount> Economy - Essentials Pay player
/as addfriend Economy AdminShop AdminShop Grant building access
/as buy Economy AdminShop AdminShop Buy region
/as delfriend Economy AdminShop AdminShop Revoke access
/as find Economy AdminShop AdminShop Find region
/as help Economy AdminShop AdminShop as Plugin help
/as info Economy AdminShop AdminShop See regions
/as me Economy AdminShop AdminShop Own regions
/as rent Economy AdminShop AdminShop Begin or extend rent
/as resell Economy AdminShop AdminShop Put region into resell mode
/as sell Economy AdminShop AdminShop Sell region
/as settp Economy AdminShop AdminShop Set region warp point
/as stopresell Economy AdminShop AdminShop Put region into sold mode
/as tp Economy AdminShop AdminShop Warp to region
/as unrent Economy AdminShop AdminShop Unrent region
/qs buy Economy QuickShop QuickShop Change shop to buy mode
/qs find <itemname> Economy QuickShop QuickShop Find shop item
/qs price <amount> Economy QuickShop QuickShop Change shop price
/qs sell Economy QuickShop QuickShop Change shop to sell mode


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/help Help - HelpPages List help pages
/help chat Help - HelpPages Help page
/help chunkloaders Help - HelpPages Help page
/help donate Help - HelpPages Help page
/help fakeplayers Help - HelpPages Help page
/help points Help - HelpPages Help page
/help ranks Help - HelpPages Help page
/help rules Help - HelpPages Help page
/help shoprules Help - HelpPages Help page
/help vote Help - HelpPages Help page
/help website Help - HelpPages Help page
/help wiki Help - HelpPages Help page
/ticket <text> Help Tickets gReq Create ticket
/ticket comments <ticket id> Help Tickets gReq View comments
/ticket comments add <ticket id> <text> Help Tickets gReq Add comments
/ticket list Help Tickets gReq Ticket list


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/mobarena Hub - MobArena Plugin help
/mobarena <classname> Hub - MobArena Change class
/mobarena arenas Hub - MobArena List arenas
/mobarena join <arenaname> Hub - MobArena Join arena
/mobarena notready Hub - MobArena Toggle readiness
/mobarena spectate <arenaname> Hub - MobArena Spectate arena


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/? <command> Information - Bukkit Bukkit command help
/about Information - Bukkit version, ver Info
/bungee Information - BungeeCord Info
/cofh help Information - CoFH Plugin help
/ehelp <pagenumber> Information - Essentials Essentials command help
/essversion Information - Essentials inform Info
/mc Information - MineverseChat Info
/motd Information - Essentials Server greeting
/mvlist Information - Multiverse-Core mvl Plugin help
/perms Information - BungeeCord Usergroup permissions
/plugins Information - Bukkit pl Server plugins


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/betterontime Ontime - BetterOntime bot, ontime Your ontime
/betterontime leaderboard Ontime - BetterOntime bot leaderboard Highest ontimes
/betterontime help Ontime - BetterOntime Plugin help


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/betterenderchest Services - BetterEnderChest enderchest, (echest) Your ender chest
/bossshop Services - BossShop b, shop Sever menu
/kit <kitname> Services - KitAdder Request kit
/kits Services - KitAdder kit See kits


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/challenges Skyblock - uSkyBlock c Challenge menu
/challenges <challengename> Skyblock - uSkyBlock Challenge requirements
/challenges complete <challengename> Skyblock - uSkyBlock Complete challenge
/island Skyblock - uSkyBlock island Island menu
/island biome <biomename> Skyblock - uSkyBlock is b Change biome
/island create Skyblock - uSkyBlock is c Create island
/island home Skyblock - uSkyBlock is h Warp home
/island restart Skyblock - uSkyBlock is restart Restart island
/island sethome Skyblock - uSkyBlock is sethome Set home
/ranks Skyblock - uSkyBlock Rank menu
/island accept Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is accept Accept party invite
/island ban <playername> Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is ban Banish player
/island invite <playername> Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is invite Invite player to party
/island kick <playername> Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is kick Remove player from party
/island leave Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is leave Leave party
/island makeleader <playername> Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is makeleader Transfer leadership
/island party Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock Party menu
/island reject Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is reject Decline party invite
/island untrust <playername> Skyblock Parties uSkyBlock is untrust Revoke access
/island lock Skyblock Travel uSkyBlock is lock Forbid visitors
/island setwarp Skyblock Travel uSkyBlock is setwarp Set visitor warp
/island togglewarp Skyblock Travel uSkyBlock is togglewarp Toggle warp
/island unlock Skyblock Travel uSkyBlock is warp Allow visitors
/island warp <playername> Skyblock Travel uSkyBlock is w Warp to island


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/channel <channelname> Social Channels MineverseChat ch, join Join channel
/chlist Social Channels MineverseChat chl Channel list
/leave <channelname> Social Channels MineverseChat lev Leave channel
/listen <channelname> Social Channels MineverseChat lis Listen to channel
/glist Social Information BungeeCord All players on all servers
/ignore list Social Information MineverseChat Ignored players
/list Social Information Essentials who, playerlist, online, plist Players on server
/seen <playername> Social Information Essentials Last online time
/mail clear Social Messaging Essentials email Clear inbox
/mail read Social Messaging Essentials email Read new mail
/mail send <playername> <message> Social Messaging Essentials email Send mail
/message <playername> <message> Social Messaging Multiple msg, tell, whisper, w Private message (type 1)
/reply Social Messaging MineverseChat r Reply
/t <playername> <message> Social Messaging Multiple Private message (type 2)
/action <text> Social Misc Essentials describe Emote (type 1)
/afk Social Misc MineverseChat Toggle afk
/cofh friend add <playername> Social Misc CoFH Add friend
/cofh friend remove <playername> Social Misc CoFH Remove friend
/ignore <playername> Social Misc MineverseChat Ignore player
/me <text> Social Misc MineverseChat Emote (type 2)
/party <message> Social Parties MineverseChat p Speak to party
/party ban <playername> Social Parties MineverseChat p ban Banish player
/party chat Social Parties MineverseChat p chat Toggle chat
/party help Social Parties MineverseChat p help See party commands
/party info Social Parties MineverseChat p info Party info
/party join <hostname> Social Parties MineverseChat p join Join party
/party kick <name Social Parties MineverseChat p kick Kick player
/party leave <hostname> Social Parties MineverseChat p leave Leave party
/party members <hostname> Social Parties MineverseChat p members Party members
/party unban <name> Social Parties MineverseChat p unban Unban player


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
//calc Tools - WorldEdit Calculator
/cofh tps Tools - CoFH TPS report (instant)
/ping Tools - Essentials echo, pong Ping test
/tps Tools - Spigot TPS report (average)


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
/delhome <homename> Travel Homes Essentials remhome, rmhome Delete home
/home Travel Homes Essentials homes See homes
/home <homename> Travel Homes Essentials homes Warp home
/sethome <homename> Travel Homes Essentials createhome Create home
/tpa <playername> Travel People Essentials call, tpask Teleport to player
/tpno Travel People Essentials tpdeny Accept incoming tpa
/tpyes Travel People Essentials Deny incoming tpa
/back Travel Places Essentials Return to warp point
/rtp Travel Places KaisRandomTeleport Random teleport
/spawn Travel Places Essentials Spawn warp
/warp <warpname> Travel Places Essentials warps Warp
/warps Travel Places Essentials See warps
/server Travel Servers BungeeCord See servers available for connection
/server <servername> Travel Servers BungeeCord


Command Category Subcategory Origin Aliases Explanation
Connect to server
/donate Web - Unknown Donation link
/enjin points Web - DonationCraft e points Reward points
/rules Web - Unknown Rules link
/vote Web - Unknown Vote link
/website Web - Unknown Site link


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