• Devco use custom chunkloaders
  • They're created using by r-clicking a block of iron with a blaze rod
  • Higher ranks get more loadable chunks


Chunkloading is a common practice in modded Minecraft which forces the server to load certain chunks even when nobody is around. This allows machines and other processes to continue running unattended.

Custom ChunkloadersEdit

Traditional chunkloaders are banned in favor of custom Devco chunkloders which the staff can manage more easily. They're created by placing a block of iron and then right-clicking the block with a blaze rod. By default players can load a maximum of 9 chunks, and this limit is increased with rank. For VIP-diamond and VIP-emerald players, offline chunks can be established by placing a diamond block and right-clicking with a blaze rod.

Ranks and Chunks
Rank Chunks Offline Chunks
Newbie 9 0
Member 18 0
Trusted* 45 0
VIP-stone 50 0
VIP-iron 50 0
VIP-gold 75 0
VIP-lapis 75 0
VIP-diamond 75 27
VIP-emerald 75 27
*Skyfactory equivalent rank is veteran


/bcl list /help chunkloaders


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