Chat is global by default. Every server can see the messages of every other server. The technical details are that every player automatically joins the network-wide global chat channel when they first start playing, called global. There are multiple channels available.


  1. Global (g)
  2. Trade (tr)
  3. Help (h)
  4. Local (l)
  5. Serverwide (sw)
  6. VIP (d)


/chlist - Lists the available channels you can join/talk in /channel [channel name] - Sets you to the specified channel. Messages typed in chat will go to this channel.

Aliases: /ch [channel name], /join [channel name]

/listen [channel name] - Causes you to listen to a channel. Does not change the channel messages will be sent to.

Aliases: /lis [channel name]

/leave [channel name] - Causes you to leave the channel. You will no longer see messages posted in this channel.

Aliases: /lev [channel name] /[channel name] <message> - Sends the message to the specified channel, does not change the channel messages typed in chat will go to.

Examples: /l here's some food

/tr anyone selling diamonds

/h I need help with <issue>

/sw <server specific message>

/g <message to people on other modpacks>

  • Parties are private chat rooms


As expected, mail is used to leave messages for people. You can't send mail across servers. If you send a mail to a player playing on another server the message will wait for them to log on before notifying them. Mail can be useful. Maybe you're working on something and you need to leave an update for other people and don't want to leave a bunch of signs lying around. Ta-da, mail.


/mail clear
/mail read
/mail send <name> <text>


Parties function in the expected manner. In regard to chat, which is present on every server, it allows you to create custom chat channels which are private to you and whoever you invite. On skyblock servers this also refers to the concept of island ownership and access. For example, players in a party may freely enter an island which has been locked to outsiders.


/party ban <name> or /party unban <name>
/party chat - Toggle party chat.
/party help
/party host
/party join <name> or /party leave <name>
/party info
/party members <name>
/party kick <name>

Skyblock CommandsEdit

/is accept or /is reject
/is invite <name> or /is kick <name>
/is join or /is leave
/is makeleader <name> <name> - Where old player is on the left.
/is party


Private MessagingEdit

Private messaging is available on all of DeVco servers. You can message anyone on-line, on any server, at any time.


  • /msg <name> <text> - Sends a message to the named player.
  • /r <message> - Short-cut for replying to the last person who sent you a message.
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