• The admin shop sells players items in-game
  • It can be accessed via the /b menu
  • Trading is done with money ($)
  • The price can vary depending on the server


An important part of the /b server menu is the admin shop where players can spend their money to obtain common in-game items. The selection is specified by an admin and changes slightly from server to server, but the example given to the right is a good indication of what you can expect.

The admin shop is also considered to be an appropriate guideline for players to use when valuing their trade goods for sale. Undercutting the market is not permitted. Rates can vary from server to server roughly depending on which economy type they're using. A clue to distinguish this can be found when examining server groupings in the reward store. Be careful to not sort the admin shop with InventoryTweaks. Doing so can and likely will result in you buying one or more of every item in the shop. InventoryTweaks will try to pick up every item to sort them and that registers as you wanting to buy them. Most of the shops have a warning, notably, SkyFactory 2's shop does not.


/b - This command brings up the basic menu, inside there is a option for the "Admin Shop"

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